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ico5 Truthout Stories

  • Tyrants of the World, Unite!
  • Trump Ponders Petraeus for Senior Job
  • Trump's Secretary of Defense Presided Over Slaughter of Civilians in Fallujah
  • Unemployment Rate Falls Back to Pre-Recession Levels in November
  • Getting Prepared to Fight Against Trump Immigration Raids and Deportations
ico6 Zero Hedge

  • US Oil Rig Count Rises To 10-Month Highs
  • Schwarzman, Dimon, Fink Will Advise Trump How To Create Jobs
  • Hillary Clinton Gains One Vote On First Day Of Wisconsin Recount
  • Deutsche Bank Stock Slides After "Cutting Off" 3,400 "Non-Strategic" Trading Clients
  • Erdogan Demands Turks Exchange Their Dollars To Gold, Lira
ico7 Global Research

ico8 InfoWars

ico9 The 4th Media

  • US Government Has Long Used Propaganda Against the American People
  • Video and Transcript: Putin Delivers Annual Address to Federal Assembly in Moscow
  • Trump Presidency: What Can GO WRONG?
  • Trump Era: Europe Back to EUROPEANS?
ico10 21st Century Wire

ico11 nsnbc international

ico13 Patriot Rising

ico14 Signs of the Times

  • FLASHBACK: Neocon elites united: Bush daughter Barbara attended Paris fundraiser for Killary with Huma Abedin
  • Magnitude 5.3 tremor hits Costa Rica, followed by 400 aftershocks
  • UK football child sex abuse hotline receives 860 calls in the first hour of operation
  • Boris Johnson calls for the UK to lead the fight against a cult of 'strongmen'
  • Squatters removed from property for protesting against homelessness
ico15 The Vigilant Citizen

ico16 The Real News Network

ico17 SHTF Plan

ico18 Stop Making Sense

  • The Tory Snoopers’ Charter Is Now Law
  • Frightened By Donald Trump? You Don’t Know The Half Of It
  • The No-BS Inside Guide to the Presidential Vote Recount
  • Obama Is Expanding Trump’s War-Making Powers on His Way Out the Door
  • MPs Launch New Attempt to Interrogate Tony Blair Over Iraq
ico19 The Economic Collapse Blog

ico20 WND

  • Paul Ryan takes walk of shame on '60 Minutes'
  • CNN crew jokes about Trump plane crashing
  • Rosie apologizes to Melania, Barron Trump
  • HGTV: 'We don't discriminate' against LGBTs
  • Lawsuits seek to block or halt Wisconsin, Michigan recounts
ico21 Media Roots

  • Paul Jay and Abby Martin on Trump’s Cabinet, Election Fraud & Fake News Hysteria
  • Trump’s Web of Far Right Militarists Who Want to Attack Iran
  • Trump’s Web of Far Right Militarists Who Want to Attack Iran
  • Cuba: Revolution, Sabotage & Un-Normal Relations
  • Cuba: Revolution, Sabotage & Un-Normal Relations
ico22 American Free Press

  • Former Secret Service Agent Talks to AFP About Hillary’s Defeat
  • Former Secret Service Agent Talks to AFP About Hillary’s Defeat
  • Toxic Fracking Wastewater Used on Food Crops
  • Toxic Fracking Wastewater Used on Food Crops
  • Post-Election Hate Crime Wave Appears to Be Creation of Extreme Left
ico23 Strategic Culture Foundation

  • The "Battle of Berlin" Will Be Last Stand of Globalism
  • Official Washington"s "Info-Wars"
  • Why U.S. 'News' Media Shouldn't Be Trusted
  • Petraeus Redux?
  • Austria and the Balkans Facing a New Challenge
ico24 RINF Alternative News

ico25 We Are Change

ico28 Foreign Policy Journal

ico29 Democracy Now!

  • Can the U.S. Detain Immigrants Indefinitely? Supreme Court Hears Case as Trump Prepares for Office
  • Bankers Behind "Great Foreclosure Machine" Join Trump's Cabinet as Treasury & Commerce Secretaries
  • John McCain Tears into Reporters Who Exposed Deceptive Recruiting at For-Profit University of Phoenix
  • Veterans Helped Trump Win, But Critics Warn He May Dismantle Their Public Medical Care
  • Expert on Trump Business Conflicts: "There are Hard Ethical Questions in Life. This Not One of Them"

ico31 Activist Post

ico32 Voltaire Network

  • General Flynn's Proposals to Reform Intelligence, by Thierry Meyssan
  • France and Turkey against the Kurds, by Thierry Meyssan
  • Egypt supports the Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian armies
  • Michael T. Flynn and Islam, by Thierry Meyssan
  • The jihadists put down the demonstrations in East Aleppo with live ammunition
ico33 Dissident Voice

ico34 TheSleuthJournal

ico35 Humans Are Free

  • Matrix is the New Maya — A Paradigm of Virtual Reality
  • Archons, Dominions and Thoughts that Run Wild
  • Voting is the Problem — Here’s the Solution
  • Trump Meets Ex-Bank CEO Who Wants to Abolish the Federal Reserve and Return to the Gold Standard
  • 1200-Year-Old Ancient Hindu Temple Carved Entirely From a Single Rock
ico2 Sputnik International

ico3 New Eastern Outlook

  • Donald Trump and the “Russia Redux”
  • Anti-War Movement: Time They Stepped Aside
  • On China’s Reaction to Dalai Lama’s 14th Visit to Mongolia
  • Egypt’s Shifting Position May Tip the Scales in Damascus’ Favor
  • Egypt’s Shifting Position May Tip the Scales in Damascus’ Favor