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ico5 Truthout Stories

  • A World of Winless War: US Special Ops Forces Deployed to 137 Nations in 2017
  • Indian Prime Minister Modi Was Once Banned From Entering US; Today He Meets Trump
  • Sorry, Meals on Wheels, Our War Machine Is Hungry
  • What Happens When the Federal Government Eliminates Health Coverage?
  • Women in California's Largest Immigrant Prison Hold Hunger Strike
ico6 Zero Hedge

  • Hindenburg Omen Reappears As Main Market Supports Get Kicked Away
  • CBO Says 22 Million More Uninsured Under Senate Bill, Premiums Initially 20% Higher Then 30% Lower
  • Bitcoin Bloodbath Leads Tech Stock Tumble; Gold Gouged As Credit Curve Crushed To New Lows
  • Congress Explained
  • SCOTUS "Mostly" Reinstates Trump Travel Ban; Schedules October Hearing
ico7 Global Research

ico8 InfoWars

ico9 The 4th Media

  • DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Accuses US of Slandering Humanitarian Measure
  • US TORTURE, a Saudi Coup and The ISIS Crimes: “BY, WITH and THROUGH Allies”
  • The “Soft Coup” Under Way In Washington
  • The IMPACTS of VACCINES: Aluminum, Autoimmunity, Autism and Alzheimer’s
ico10 21st Century Wire

ico11 nsnbc international

ico13 Patriot Rising

ico14 Signs of the Times

  • Russian submarine test-fires ICBM across Asian continent
  • How the internet turned me into a 'Russia apologist'
  • New form of liquid water discovered
  • Some House Democrats mulling giving Pelosi the boot as leader
  • Electronic concentration camp - The age of no privacy
ico15 The Vigilant Citizen

ico16 The Real News Network

ico17 SHTF Plan

ico18 Stop Making Sense

  • Trump‘s Red Line
  • The Reichstag Fire Next Time
  • Gawker Is Dead, But the Forces That Destroyed It Are Still Very Much Alive
  • Why Does the Far Right Hold a Near-Monopoly on Political Violence?
  • The History Channel Is Finally Telling the Stunning Secret Story of the War on Drugs
ico19 The Economic Collapse Blog

ico20 WND

  • Meet a walking, talking, living miracle
  • Trump 'victory' on travel ban won't stop most refugee arrivals
  • Are Illinois and Puerto Rico our future?
  • Dow ekes out gain as bank stocks offset tech losses
  • Birds use cigarette butts for chemical warfare on ticks
ico21 Media Roots

  • Venezuela Economy Minister—Sabotage, Not Socialism, is the Problem
  • Abby Goes to Venezuela
  • Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests
  • Trump in Saudi Arabia, Wikileaks Info War & Seth Rich
  • Venezuelan Opposition Spreads Lies About U.S. Journalists, Inciting Violence, Death Threats
ico22 American Free Press

ico23 Strategic Culture Foundation

  • INF Treaty Withdrawal Debated in US: Does Arms Control Have a Chance to Survive?
  • How America Armed Terrorists in Syria
  • Trump Has Now Committed Himself to Reversing Obama"s Syria-Policy
  • An Interview with Dana Rohrabacher about Russia, Turkey and Trump
  • Brexit Britain One Year On
ico24 RINF Alternative News

  • ‘Clear Victory for National Security’: Trump Celebrates Supreme Court Travel Ban Ruling
  • DUP is milder form of Klu Klux Klan – George Galloway
  • 22mn Americans to lose health insurance under Senate Obamacare repeal bill ‒ CBO
  • EU may fine Google $1.2 billion over anti-competitive practices: Reports
  • Australian government’s $70 million court settlement covers up crimes against refugees
ico25 We Are Change

ico28 Foreign Policy Journal

ico29 Democracy Now!

  • Jackson, Miss. Mayor-elect Chokwe Lumumba: I Plan to Build the "Most Radical City on the Planet"
  • Arundhati Roy on the Rising Hindu Right in India, the Gujarat Massacre & Her Love of Eduardo Galeano
  • Indian PM Modi Was Once Banned from Entering U.S., Today He Meets Trump at White House
  • Headlines for June 26, 2017
  • Is South Sudan Government Engaged in Ethnic Cleansing, Triggering Africa's Biggest Refugee Crisis?
ico31 Activist Post

ico32 Voltaire Network

  • Mohammed ben Salmane takes power at Riyadh
  • Star Wars: a quantum leap from fiction to reality, by Manlio Dinucci
  • Adjustements in the Middle East, by Thierry Meyssan
  • Meyssan awarded the “Quenelle d'or special”
  • 39 years later, Riyadh recognizes the Camp David Agreements
ico33 Dissident Voice

  • Humiliating UN Defeat for UK on Diego Garcia Vote
  • Congo Still Struggles for Genuine Independence
  • Levees
  • Everything’s Important
  • Taming North Ken
ico34 TheSleuthJournal

ico35 Humans Are Free

  • Doctors Open Real Life 'Farmacies' — Treat Patients With Organic Vegetables Instead of Pills
  • Every Single Person You’ve Met In Your Life Is There For One Of These 5 Cosmic Reasons
  • 238 Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust
  • Facebook Now Has a Patent to Literally Use Your Camera and Watch Your Emotional Reactions
  • Your Grandparents' Experiences Can Affect Your Genes
ico2 Sputnik International

ico3 New Eastern Outlook

  • The Syrian Coalition Must End US-Kurdish Aggression Now
  • “One Belt, One Rode” (OBOR) – How is the Chinese Project Perceived in India?
  • “Second-tier” EU States are Barely Holding On There
  • The US-Russian Hearings: Caught Again In Their Trap
  • Ted Turner, CNN, Putin, and the Amazing Oligarchs Drama Unfolding