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ico5 Truthout Stories

  • Trump Touts Drilling's Potential, Botches Facts, at Shale Industry Conference
  • Education Department Terminates Agency That Allowed Predatory For-Profit Colleges to Thrive
  • A Strategy to Stop the Funding Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Expanding the Debate: Jill Stein Spars With Clinton and Trump (Part 2)
  • Expanding the Debate: Jill Stein Spars With Clinton and Trump (Part 2)
ico6 Zero Hedge

  • Jihadists Target Spain
  • The Italian Referendum: What You Need To Know
  • U.S. Corporations Side With Saudi Arabia Against The American People Over 9/11 Victims Bill
  • Sweden Creates 55 "No-Go Zones" As It Loses Control Of Refugee Crisis
  • "The Only Way Out Is Creative Destruction" Sinn Fears "Self-Inflicted Malaise"
ico7 Global Research

ico8 InfoWars

ico9 The 4th Media

  • Duterte and the Multipolar Strategy That Shakes Washington
  • Syrian No-fly Zone Means War with Russia
  • DMCA Abuse: How Corporations are Using US Copyright Law to Harass and Silence Individuals
  • Oh, Say Can You See the Carnage? – Why Stand for a Country That Can Gun You Down in Cold Blood?
ico10 21st Century Wire

ico11 nsnbc international

ico13 Patriot Rising

ico14 Signs of the Times

  • Assistant Secretary of State: We should have to deploy THAAD anti-missile systems in S.Korea as soon as possible
  • Hong Kong records hottest September day in 50 years, air pollution levels 'serious' for second day
  • Russia,China to open new cargo transit corridor through Mongolia by 2017
  • Typhoon Megi: Deadly storm batters Taiwan and mainland China
  • Iraqis seeking ways to sue US for war crimes
ico15 The Vigilant Citizen

ico16 The Real News Network

ico17 SHTF Plan

ico18 Stop Making Sense

ico19 The Economic Collapse Blog

ico20 WND

  • Poll: Only 36% think Hillary is healthy
  • U.N. demands U.S. pay reparations to blacks
  • Untold bravery during horrible tragedy
  • The grim association between faith and madness
  • How horrific tragedy led to life-saving discoveries
ico21 Media Roots

  • Abby Martin Interviews President Rafael Correa on Empire & the Environment
  • Inside the Global Fight Against Corporate Impunity
  • NYT’s James Risen on Fighting Censorship, Endless War
  • Abby Martin Violently Arrested at the DNC
  • DNC/RNC Pageantry, Abby’s Arrest & “Manchurian Candidate” Trump
ico22 American Free Press

  • About Last Night’s Debate…
  • AFP Post-Debate Wrap-Up
  • Wells Fargo or the Federal Reserve: Who’s the Bigger Fraud?
  • Is Charlotte Our Future?
  • Who Is Going to Win the Presidential Debate Tonight — You Tell Us
ico23 Strategic Culture Foundation

  • Neither Candidate Challenged the Establishment
  • Clinton"s Faulty New Scheme to "Fight" ISIS
  • NATO Rejects Russia"s Proposal to Enhance Security in Europe
  • Hysteria at UN Betrays Western Terror Sponsors
  • Beware the Kashmir Volcano
ico24 RINF Alternative News

  • Keith Scott’s past scrutinized following Charlotte police shooting
  • The Art of Apologizing
  • The Debate: Trump’s Three Points for Peace
  • There’s More Than One Kind of Fungus Among Us
  • Video: Neofascism of the Law and Order Candidate
ico25 We Are Change

ico28 Foreign Policy Journal

ico29 Democracy Now!

  • Expanding the Debate: Jill Stein Spars with Clinton & Trump in Democracy Now! Special - Part 2
  • Expanding the Debate: Jill Stein "Debates" Clinton & Trump in Democracy Now! Special - Part 1
  • Outside First Presidential Debate, 24 Arrested at Protests & Jill Stein Escorted Away by Police
  • Outside First Presidential Debate, 24 Arrested at Protests & Jill Stein Escorted Away by Police
  • Headlines for September 27, 2016

ico31 Activist Post

ico32 Voltaire Network

  • Law Enforcement and Prevention of Terrorism
  • Fighting Resumes in Syria, but a Negotiated Truce Remains the Only Alternative, by Webster G. Tarpley
  • PSYOPs: Operation Syria, by Manlio Dinucci
  • Press Point by Jens Stoltenberg
  • Why the cease-fire in Syria has failed, by Thierry Meyssan
ico33 Dissident Voice

  • There’s More Than One Kind of Fungus Among Us
  • Fear Level Trump
  • The Corbyn Effect: A British Democratic Revolution in the Making
  • Ban Ki-Moon’s Legacy in Palestine: Failure in Words and Deeds
  • The Social Construction of Value, Price and Wages
ico34 TheSleuthJournal

ico35 Humans Are Free

  • Top 3 Most Chilling Conspiracy Documents or Accounts Ever
  • Ending the Nazis & the Federal Reserve
  • NOVO ORDO SECLORUM — NeoCon Hell on Earth
  • The Meaning of 911 Fifteen Years After
  • The Root Cause of Cancer Almost Universally Ignored by Doctors
ico2 Sputnik International

ico3 New Eastern Outlook

  • Operation ‘Euphrates Shield’ Turns Into Operation ‘Occupation’
  • India and Iran: Manoeuvres between East and West
  • Joe Biden is Washington Troublemaker-in-Chief
  • US: The Mega-Bubble That’s Going to Go Bust
  • The Anglo-American War Machine