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ico5 Truthout Stories

  • What Does the Environment Have to Do With Diseases That Affect the Immune System?
  • Trump, the Banks and the Bomb
  • Can the Trump-Pence Administration Overturn Roe v. Wade?
  • Laying the Ground for Resistance to Trump on Day One
  • Can the Trump-Pence Administration Overturn Roe v. Wade?
ico6 Zero Hedge

  • German Press: "That Was No Presidential Speech; That Was A Declaration Of War"
  • In Speech to a the CIA, Trump Offers to Build Them a Room Without Columns: ‘Do You Understand That?’
  • In Speech to the CIA, Trump Offers to Build Them a Room Without Columns: ‘Do You Understand That?’
  • How The New York Times Plays With History
  • Raoul Pal Warns The Day Of Reckoning Looms For VIX Shorts: "Reminds Me Of Portfolio Insurance In 1987"
ico7 Global Research

ico9 The 4th Media

  • Here’s How Trump Presidency Will Play Out
  • Joint Russian, Turkish Bombing Campaign in Syria Deepens NATO Crisis
  • 25 Years of Neocon-Neoliberalism: Great for the Top 5%, A Disaster for Everyone Else
  • GEOPOLITICS: TRUMP, KISSINGER and MA PLAYING on a Crowded Chessboard
  • Extraordinary Array of Those Questioning President-elect Donald Trump’s Legitimacy
ico10 21st Century Wire

ico11 nsnbc international

ico13 Patriot Rising

ico14 Signs of the Times

  • Medvedev: 'Russia shouldn't pin hopes for lifting of sanctions on US elections'
  • SNL writer tweets that Barron Trump will be 'America's first homeschool shooter'
  • Psychic who predicted Trump, Brexit and Nice attack releases predictions for 2017
  • 'Triangular Diplomacy': Why Kissinger supports mending Russia-US relations
  • Trump offers struggling single father $10,000 check at Inaugural event
ico15 The Vigilant Citizen

ico16 The Real News Network

ico17 SHTF Plan

ico18 Stop Making Sense

  • CIA Fears About 1980s Labour ‘Threat’ Revealed
  • Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: Public Investment, Private Profit
  • White House Concedes That Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller Wrote Much of Trump’s Speech
  • Trump Press Secretary Declares War on the Media and Reality Itself
  • Trump is the Culmination of an Invisible War on the World’s Women
ico19 The Economic Collapse Blog

ico20 WND

  • Women's March organizer linked to Hamas
  • Texas teacher can't be fired for Colorado marijuana use
  • Canadians enroute to D.C. Women's March denied entry
  • Doctors amputate man's leg at crash scene to save his life
  • Police warn public about teen 'Assassin' game
ico21 Media Roots

  • Chris Hedges’ On Contact: What the DNI Report About Russia Really Reveals
  • Abby Martin Attacks DNI Report, Defends RT
  • Abby Martin Attacks DNI Report, Defends RT
  • US Government Blames Russia Today for Trump’s Win
  • Abby Martin Responds to Exploitation by NY Times
ico22 American Free Press

  • Historic Day Marks Beginning of America First Era
  • Will Trump Fight the Bush-Obama Legacy?
  • A New President, New World Starts Today
  • Radicals Busted Trying to Shut Down Washington on Inauguration Day
ico23 Strategic Culture Foundation

  • Putting Weapons in Space: Top Issue to Face President Trump
  • Trump"s Declaration of War
  • "Billion-year" Gambian President Was Installed by the CIA
  • Trump"s Top Priorities
  • The Ongoing War Against Trump
ico24 RINF Alternative News

ico25 We Are Change

ico28 Foreign Policy Journal

ico29 Democracy Now!

  • Naomi Klein on Trump Election: "This is a Corporate Coup d’État"
  • Naomi Klein on Trump Election: "This is a Corporate Coup D’état"
  • Michael Moore Addresses 25,000 Protesters in NYC: "There's More of Us Than There are of Them!"
  • Black Lives Matter Activists Chain Themselves Together to Block Inauguration Checkpoint
  • Michael Moore & Naomi Klein on Resisting Donald Trump as Protests Erupt Ahead of Inauguration

ico31 Activist Post

ico32 Voltaire Network

  • Donald Trump at CIA Headquater, by Donald Trump
  • James Mattis Memo, by James Mattis
  • Donald Trump Inauguration Speech, by Donald Trump
  • Podesta & Clinton against Flynn
  • Turkey: the AKP launches a campaign against the Assyrian Christians
ico33 Dissident Voice

  • The Tories Are Wrecking the NHS in Order to Privatise It
  • Where is Europe and who cares
  • The Madness of Karl Marx
  • Palestine: the International Community Screws Up Again
  • Why Did Obama Grant Clemency to Manning?
ico34 TheSleuthJournal

ico35 Humans Are Free

  • 10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job
  • Easiest Diet EVER: Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months!
  • NWO Eugenics And Population Control Pushed On All Fronts
  • Rothschild Family Wealth is Five Times that of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined
  • Air Traffic Control to Pilot: 'You Have A Chemtrail Off Your Left Wing'
ico2 Sputnik International

ico3 New Eastern Outlook

  • What Should One Expect from the Syrian Peace Talks in Astana?
  • France’s Self-Inflicted Refugee Crisis
  • China is Changing the Middle East’s Geo-political Dynamics
  • The Sinister Agenda Behind the Washington War On Cash
  • The Philippines in the Center of Asian Realignment