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ico5 Truthout Stories

  • Is Berta Cáceres' Assassination a Tipping Point for Change in Honduras?
  • Protests Erupt Across the UK as Lawmakers Debate Canceling Trump's State Visit
  • A Message to Trump From a Swede: My Real Concern Is Rise of Militant Anti-Muslim Neo-Nazis, Fascists
  • Ecuador Votes to Bar Politicians From Having Assets in Tax Havens
  • Orwellian Reversals for 2017
ico6 Zero Hedge

  • Sweden: Hate Speech Just for Imams
  • Mexico Prepares Plan To Ditch U.S. Grain Imports As NAFTA Showdown Looms
  • Eight Reasons Why The Dutch Election Matters
  • Hundreds Of Colleges Form "Bias Response Teams" To Combat "Hate Speech" Like "Build The Wall"
  • Retired Green Beret Exposes How Secretive Non-Profit Organizations Erode The United States
ico7 Global Research

ico8 InfoWars

ico9 The 4th Media

  • US Terror-Bombed Syria with Toxic Depleted Uranium(DU) Weapons
  • New National Security Adviser McMaster: A Military Industrial Complex Connection?
  • President Trump: Diplomacy and Democracy in America
  • Analysis: Plans Are Underway to CREATE A QUASI-STATE IN NORTHERN SYRIA
ico10 21st Century Wire

ico11 nsnbc international

ico13 Patriot Rising

ico14 Signs of the Times

  • Snow and freezing fog cover Taiwan; Winter typhoon off Kamchatka, Russia and Tottori, Japan buried again by record snow
  • Thousands evacuated as San Jose, California hit by worst floods in a century
  • How eating less slows the aging process
  • Shallow magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near Belfair, Washington
  • President Trump: Legalizing drugs will end the violent cartels
ico15 The Vigilant Citizen

ico16 The Real News Network

ico17 SHTF Plan

ico18 Stop Making Sense

  • Trump’s Deportations are Possible Because Obama and Congress Failed to Protect Immigrants
  • Did Jeff Sessions Foreshadow New Immigration Crackdown in a DHS Memo Before Becoming Attorney General?
  • ‘A Deportation Force on Steroids’: Millions of Immigrants Could Face Removal Under New Trump Rules
  • Donald J. Trump and the Deep State
  • The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight
ico19 The Economic Collapse Blog

ico20 WND

  • This day in WND history: 'Chappaquiddick kid' off hook with college
  • Teddy Roosevelt's most important achievement
  • California schemin': Dam crisis spotlights split
  • Unholy alliance: Why Islamists and secular left work together
  • First fake news, now 'fake anger' at GOP
ico21 Media Roots

  • Corporate Globalism, Brownshirts & the War on the Left
  • Muslim Ban, Trump Apologists, Fighting Fascism
  • Mark Ames on Post-Soviet Russia, Made in the U.S.A.
  • Stephen Cohen: US-Russia Relations in “Most Dangerous Moment”
  • Chris Hedges’ On Contact: What the DNI Report About Russia Really Reveals
ico22 American Free Press

  • Immigrants Will Overwhelm America
  • Immigrants Will Overwhelm America
  • Soros Behind Lawsuits Designed to Keep Borders Porous, Unsafe
  • Soros Behind Lawsuits Designed to Keep Borders Porous, Unsafe
  • The Deep State Targets Trump
ico23 Strategic Culture Foundation

  • Trump vs. the European Union: The Coming Storm
  • Aristocracy Deceives Public about the Deep State
  • Trump Faces Divergent Views on Russia
  • Will Turkey Get Its Way in Raqqa?
  • Why Russophobia in the US Will Have Limited Shelf Life
ico24 RINF Alternative News

ico25 We Are Change

ico28 Foreign Policy Journal

ico29 Democracy Now!

  • FDR Rejected Anne Frank Twice as a Refugee, Advocate Urges Trump Not to Close U.S. Borders Again
  • FDR Rejected Anne Frank Twice as a Refugee, Advocate Urges Trump Not To Close U.S. Borders Again
  • White House Refuses to Condemn Rise of Islamophobia as Radical Right Enters Political Mainstream
  • Anne Frank Center: Trump's Remarks on Anti-Semitism are Too Little, Too Late
  • Advocate: Trump's Deportations are Possible Because Obama & Congress Failed to Protect Immigrants

ico31 Activist Post

ico32 Voltaire Network

  • CIA had frozen all support to Syrian “rebels”
  • The Independents of Fergana Valley oppose the Syria government
  • The US armed forces's false SOS –anti-Russian in design
  • Russia recognizes the governments of Donbass and Lougansk
  • Daesh declares its intention to exterminate the Copts
ico33 Dissident Voice

  • Artificial Intelligence: Frankenstein or Capitalist Money Machine
  • The Trump-Netanyahu Circus
  • Lock up England in Jail or an Insane Asylum!
  • The “Superficial, Arrogant Smugness” of BBC News
  • Eleven Examples of Resistance to Government Raids
ico34 TheSleuthJournal

ico35 Humans Are Free

  • Selected Not Elected: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Distant Cousins
  • Adolf Hitler Arrested and Executed ‘Fake News’ Journalists Who Rightfully Claimed that Jews Were Being Exterminated
  • Deadly Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency Caused by Geoengineering
  • This Graphic Shows Why You Should Avoid Nutella
  • Spain Sets Massive Precedent — Charges Its Central Bankers in Court
ico2 Sputnik International

ico3 New Eastern Outlook

  • The Cyclic Narrative and Stolen Lives
  • On the Murder of Kim Jong-un’s Older Brother in Malaysia
  • What is the Most Immediate Threat that Europe is Facing?
  • How American Weapons Are being Smuggled to Syria
  • National Security Adviser General McMaster: The War Complex’ Resident Parrot